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Alice Kim

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The thing I value the most in design is how people feel and think. I believe that our mind can change everything and thus "feeling" is important. By leading people to feel in a certain way, I intend to lead them further to "think". Like how Descartes said "I think therefore I am", the practice in thinking leads man to a better place. I hope my designs can be an instrument of fulfilment in everyday life.

Stacking Tea Set

A tea set to bring people around the table more easily and willingly, by stacking together the components needed for tea, and cherishing the rattling sound as well as the insecure looking profile.

A tea set turns into something more easy and casual by maintaining its familiar, insecure look of stacked items by giving slanted edges on the rest of the teacups. The plate on the teapot keeps the cake warm, as well as saving space. The milk jug tower allows people to hold different components in one hand and naturally eliminates the need for trays.

Plant Pregnancy

A project to open people's minds to think about plants similar to babies and give them the treatment they deserve.

The project is intended to illustrate the impact of a plant to a person to encourage community to treat plants as lovingly as pets or babies. The slight discomfort indicates the care that is being given.