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Caio Armbrust

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Caio Armbrust believes objects acquire importance when they reflect our ever-changing personal truths. His work is, therefore, the result of explorations into the ordinary, concerned with the reasons for which we do the things we do.

Self-Righting Walking Stick

The self-righting walking stick is a proposed solution to the problem of having to rest walking sticks when not in use.
Most of the time, a walking stick user just wants to rest their walking stick against a surface and carry on with their activities but this action can prove far more challenging than imagined.

Pulp Helmet

The pulp helmet introduces the opportunity of safety gear for frequent rental bicycle users without the hassle of carrying an extra load.
The low cost of manufacturing and the high potential of recycling of this product would ensure that users would be able to purchase their helmet for cheap and drop it at the next hub with the bicycle, at the end of their journey.