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Clea Jentsch

clea@cleadesign.com | www.cleajentsch.de

Clea has a very hands-on approach to design, developing everyday objects through a process heavily based on making and testing.
Some of Clea's objects transform what is considered as abusing an object into an action that is conceived as its proper use. This often springs from observing human behaviour and requires integrating affordances into objects.

Desk Tidies

A collection of pared down folded steel desk tidies. Each piece has a little twist in how it works or how it is used, providing affordances in addition to their main purposes. A similar visual language running through the entire collection ties it together.
The collection it is laser cut, folded and then powder coated, making it easy to manufacture.

Perpendicular Vision

Swimmers, solely seeing floor or ceiling, often have no idea where they are heading and which barriers are coming up. This can cause collisions with walls, lanes or other swimmers.

This pair of swimming goggles increases swimmers´ awareness of their surroundings and hence prevents these awkward collisions.

A mirrored surface inside the bottom of the lens makes the swimmer aware of what is ahead by showing an image 90º to their normal vision. To enable this feature the goggles are deep and have a straight surface at top of the lens, to provide a clear image.