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Delina Evans

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I like designs that reflect people's behaviour, thoughts and emotions through conceptual thinking. My interests lie on exploring the relationships between different people and how they tie in with personal habits, family traditions and cultures.


Irons normally include too many functions, most which are never used. Stripped down from unnecessary features, this iron provides sufficient heat to un-crease just one shirt, enough for most busy people needing smart clothing for work.

To heat up, simply boil some water and pour into the iron. One can also put in a teabag and let that brew whilst ironing, adding incentive to complete the chore.


Most elderly people who need wheelchairs find it difficult to interact with the person pushing them. Lack of eye contact can cause confusion and anxiety.

Seymour is a mirror that clamps onto any transport wheelchair and enables non-verbal communication, allowing emotional interaction and providing reassurance.

The use of leather in the pouch and clamp directs the language towards a more comfortable and domestic feel, adding value to products that tend to be cold and clinical looking.