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Giho Yang

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Giho Yang is designer who believes that Radical simplicity changes everything. He likes to research fundamental problems and solve them with simple designs.

Flip Chair

Designed to improve the ergonomics of secondary school seating. Flip chair provides two different heights and depths with a single flip.

According to BSEN 1729, The New British and European Educational Furniture Standard, two different sizes of chairs can ergonomically cover the majority of secondary school students. However, schools cannot provide two different sizes, because it would be impossible to ensure that each student sits on a right sized chair. Flip chair is as cost efficient as current school chairs while providing two different heights and depths.


A colander that flattens when not in use to save kitchen cupboard space.

Colanders spend most of their time unused in cupboards, yet are one of the largest kitchen items. Water-drop goes flat, up to 90% smaller than usual strainer, when not in use to save space but still provides all the functionality of a regular colander. The colander's water droplet shape is informed by its function, draining water. Manufactured from co – injection moulding polypropylene and using an embedded magnet to secure the handle.