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Min Jae Kim

minjaekim72@gmail.com | www.minjaekim.com

I have a strong ability in understanding different cultural aspects, due to having lived in Europe, Asia and Western Asia. This widens my views while researching. I build relationships between people, products and places, which develop a strong purpose for each project.

Foldable Luggage

A foldable suitcase that can live under the bed or in the wardrobe, enabling efficient storage.

Typical luggage bags are big and bulky which makes storage difficult. The Foldable Luggage is very practical when the luggage is not in use. It can be folded down to reduce 65% of the volume remaining only 140mm thickness. The luggage can live under the bed or in the wardrobe for efficient storage.

Steam and Boil in One

The baskets enable steaming and boiling at the same time, saving water and energy by using only one pot.

By observing how people use too much water when boiling different kinds of vegetables in multiple pots due to their diverse cooking times. The Steam and Boil in One enables the user to use less water and accomplish steaming and boiling in one pot. The steaming can be achieved by resting the basket on the edge of the pot and the boiling is achieved by putting the basket inside the pot.