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Prianka Sisodiya

prianka.sisodiya@gmail.com | www.priankasisodiya.com

I aim to design unobtrusive objects that are a manifestation of our behaviours and actions, sparking a conversation between the person and the object.

Urban Beekeeping

Based on the insight that city honey is healthier than countryside honey, a new context was created, giving way to a new archetype of a beehive.

A beehive that gives busy people the opportunity to access organic food quickly and easily, whilst contributing to the environment and welfare of honeybees. By breaking frames into sections and using a small extractor, honey can be taken out in manageable amounts, whenever it is wanted.

Elbow Grease

Baking tools that support people's natural courses of action.

Based on the way that people use things, the objects respond to those actions. The objects appear to look normal yet surprise people when they use them with intuition.