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Rory Hudson

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I always like my objects to be saying something, telling a story either about themselves or about us. They speak of our own habits and thinking and they tell us who and what they are and how we might use them. They are thoughtful and polite and speak a common language between object and person.

Flower Bucket and Plant Stand

Moving potted plants is common practice when growing indoors. The Flower Pot Bucket is a physical interpretation of the phrase 'moving plants'. Borrowing language from the bucket and flowerpot it provides a new but familiar archetype for growing plants.

A moveable plant stand for growing and maintaining potted plants indoors. Derived from the idea of using and growing herbs and edible plants in the home; moving plants to different locations to afford different purposes e.g. in the kitchen for cooking or the living room for decoration or outside for watering and sunshine.

PET Shelving and Milk Spouts

Extending the life of PET trays by utilising their existing characteristics and noticing what they afford.
The trays provide a subtle affordance for fingers in the groves on the bottom and the lips provides runners for shelves. The wire carcass was designed for simple manufacture and uses minimal material making it supplemental to the trays.

These copper spouts give the standard HDPE milk bottle permission to belong on the table amidst the tea set, thus extending their life and usage.