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Sang Jun Park


I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in Design, it will make us fabulous.

DIY Product

With 3D printing becoming the manufacturing process of the future, DIY Product is a starting point where children can make their own products and learn about how and why things work. DIY Products give children an understanding of science, also providing chances to see how products work.

Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove believes that children should learn how things work as much as how to use them. 3D printing industry will grow in worth to be $3 billion by 2018, thus allowing 3D printers to be popular as current inkjet printers. The components are available online and can be downloaded and printed from home.

Parasitic Product

An attachment for existing chairs that helps the elderly sit down and get up safely whilst also providing a hook for a walking stick.

The aim is to make a better chair, without creating a new chair, creating a product that can be applied to any pre-owned chair once bought. In community centres, the elderly hang walking sticks on their chairs but this is unsafe as a person passing by could trip over and the elderly tend to forget about their walking sticks. My attachable product is for solving these problems.