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Veronica Wesolowski

hello@veronicawesolowski.com | www.veronicawesolowski.com

Idea designer.

Designing through the narrative in creating product and furniture. Using the psychology and interaction of the user. With a love for detailing and team playing. Agreeing with Anthony Burrell "work hard and be nice to people".

The April Chair

A chair that adapts by transforming according to the social situation, enabling sociability or seclusion.

After observing behaviour in the living room, it was noted how different people sit, and how different activities occur. This chair encompasses these observations, by creating a new space allowing people to interact or to be in solitude. Buttons are used throughout the design as the language to the chairs expansion.


A shoe storage coat rack, based upon family routine, aimed at hiding the daily mess brought in through the school run, keeping the house in order for unexpected visitors.