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William Rodriguez

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I perceive design as a dynamic process, in constant evolution. It runs in continuous cycles from the original idea, through to elaboration of the prototype and its consequent test and re-evaluation. The end product must be able to transcend us and stand the test of time. All done without neglecting the aesthetics and sustainability of the project.

Compact Booklet Stapler

A compact sized, easy to handle, long reach stapler.

It can be used in the short position to staple in the corners of pages or it can easily be extended to staple in the middle of them to create a booklet. Most of the time it remains closed, without taking much space on your desk.

Light and Compact Sign

Lightweight, customisable four-way road work sign.

Strategically placed, the new sign can provide four times more information than a conventional one, helping drivers and pedestrians navigate around the construction site.